We are delighted to announce that Siegel Planning Services, LLC has merged with longtime partner Moore Iacofano Goltsman, Inc. (MIG).

MIG is dedicated to improving, adapting, and creating environments, organizations and tools in support of human development. Like Siegel Planning, MIG is known for providing excellent services to its clients, most of whom are public agencies. Together, we have broadened our capabilities in land use planning, multi-modal transportation planning, contract city planning, zoning and development code updates, and a wide range of other planning, design, and communication services. For more information, please visit www.migcom.com or you may contact Jon Phaenis at jonathanp@migcom.com in our Portland office.



Oregon Department of Transportation Senate Bill 264 – Reform of Highway Access Management Rules
“[Scot,] It has been a pleasure working with you on this project. Thanks to you we will meet the target date for the permanent rules. It has been a daunting challenge and your work has been a major contribution to our success…

[Team,] Our work as the Division 51 administrative rules core team has come to conclusion with the Oregon Transportation Commission approval of the permanent Division 51 rules… We can take pride in what we accomplished as a team. Developing two sets of administrative rules in 12 months (temporary and permanent) to implement Senate Bill 264 was a big challenge. In the process, we worked through numerous drafts, countless staff and stakeholder comments, and important legal issues. It was not always real fun, but it was always REAL WORK and it took a REAL TEAM EFFORT. I commend and thank you all for your diligence and commitment to this work.

– Harold Lasley, Access Management Program Manager, Oregon Department of Transportation
American Planning Association
“Of all of the comprehensive model codes APA reviewed, this is one of the best.”
– American Planning Association / EPA Model Smart Growth Ordinances Project (2005), referring to the TGM Program’s Model Code for Small Cities, authored by Siegel.


American Society of Consulting Planners
“By providing officials with an effective toolbox, you have advanced Oregon’s mission of enhancing livability, fostering integrated land use and transportation planning, and promoting development that results in compact, pedestrian-, bicycle-, and transit-friendly communities.”
– American Society of Consulting Planners, Smart Growth-Sustainable Planning Award, 2000.


City of Corvallis, OR

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Scot Siegel since 1996 on various projects. Some of my interactions with him involved his acting as Project Manager for private interest development projects. Most recently, I hired Scot to assist our Planning Division during a time of staff shortages and a heavy workload. Scot’s assistance has been from three standpoints: 1) managing the development review process for some projects on behalf of the City; 2) mentoring two of our newly hired planners and assisting them with current planning projects that they were assigned; and 3) performing quality assurance and quality control by performing some current planning product and process review functions for me. In all capacities, Scot provided outstanding quality work which I could depend on. He is professional and friendly, and his attention to detail and knowledge of all aspects of development projects allows him to be very thorough in his work and solution-minded. I feel that I can always count on his assistance to be first rate and highly recommend his assistance.”
– Kelly Schlesener
Planning Manager City of Corvallis

“I’ve very much enjoyed working with Scot Siegel on Code development work, as he has a large amount of experience and has completed Code development work for both the State and other jurisdictions. We hired Scot as part of a two-person team that assisted the City of Corvallis in a public process to develop the first mixed use districts for our community. He was quick to grasp the goals of the project, and was able to perform very thorough research and distill his findings into drafts of Code language for us to use. His work was excellent and he was always professional and friendly and a good problem-solver. I highly recommend his assistance for Code development projects.”
– Kelly Schlesener
Planning Manager City of Corvallis

City of Creswell, OR
“On behalf of the citizens of Creswell, we would like to sincerely thank you for your assistance and effort on the Smart Development Code project. We think this is just the right project to steer us in the right direction towards making changes to our Comprehensive Plan and Development Code that are good for Creswell.”
– Mark Shrives
Creswell City Administrator

City of Dallas, Oregon
“I appreciate the thorough and professional job you recently completed on the Dallas Development Code project. You were very effective from the beginning of the process, which included conducting an exhaustive code audit, facilitating numerous stakeholder meetings, and providing a clear plan to move forward. The actual drafting and revising of the draft code was also well done, and [we] appreciated that you paid close attention to our particular needs here in Dallas. Your participation in the Planning Commission and City Council hearings was also instrumental to the adoption of the new code.”
– Jason Locke, Community Development Director
City of Dallas


City of John Day, OR
“I met Scot Siegel when he came to John Day and met with our citizens’ advisory committee and city staff. He led the advisory committee meetings, prepared agendas, and facilitated all meetings and public hearings from our development code update. These efforts resulted in a unified development code document for the City of John Day based on the code audit, John Day’s Transportation System Plan, the recently completed Downtown Plan, and current state law. On October 25, 2005, the John Day City Council adopted the new development code.

During this time, Mr. Siegel was an effective communicator. In a small city where we have not had a code update in over twenty years, there were a lot of questions and concerns. Mr. Siegel facilitated the meetings and public hearings and was prepared to answer all questions politely and to the level of understanding of the public that were in attendance. All products were delivered in a timely, responsible, and professional manner. I would recommend his services without reservation.”
– Peggy Gray, John Day City Manager


City of Medford, OR
“Scot is highly knowledgeable about standards and their practical results. Scot will be considered for future consulting work with the Medford Planning Department.”
– Robert O. Scott, AICP, Planning Director City of Medford

City of McCall, ID
“Perhaps the most remarkable part of the city’s [zoning update] is that it required only a one-year moratorium on new projects. That is a track record other resort cities dealing with the same questions should look at with envy.”
– The Star-News, McCall Idaho, Newspaper Editorial, 03/02/06


City of Milwaukie, Oregon
“In 2009, the City of Milwaukie contracted with Siegel to assist with revisions to the off-street parking regulations in the City zoning code. He thoroughly completed all of the tasks that were outlined in the scope of work, and ensured his work stayed on schedule and on budget. The analysis he provided on issues in the parking chapter were well researched and thoughtfully presented. City staff appreciated his willingness to quickly complete additional research and review under tight timelines toward the end of the contract. His services allowed us to resolve the lingering difficult questions in the [overall code] revision project and move onto the adoption phase.”
– Katie Mangle, Planning Director
City of Milwaukie


City of Newberg, Oregon
“Mr. Siegel provided assistance to the City of Newberg with an ambitious effort to encourage the development of more affordable housing in the community. More specifically, he reviewed the City’s Comprehensive Plan and drafted new policies as well as modifications to existing policies. In addition, he evaluated our Development Code and then drafted code language for the project. Finally, Mr. Siegel worked closely with city staff, city leaders and the general public through a series of public workshop throughout the project. By incorporating input from these parties, he ensured that the final work products reflected the true needs and desires of the community. Mr. Siegel’s planning knowledge, research capabilities, and community involvement skills were key to successfully moving forward. In the end, his work became a critical component of Newberg’s Affordable Housing Action Plan, a comprehensive guide that was accepted by the City Council. Mr. Siegel possesses a deep knowledge of the planning field and has very good critical thinking skills. Perhaps more importantly for a consultant, he knows how to carefully listen to the needs of his client and then think creatively to help develop solutions that are right for them… I highly recommend the services of Scot Siegel.”
– David A. Beam, AICP, Economic Development Planner
City of Newberg, Oregon


“The 18-item list of possible tools includes both “carrots” and “sticks” to encourage the development of affordable housing -the list is masterful and extensive. The Siegel report has laid out the treatment plan.”
– Rick Rogers, Executive Director
Newberg Habitat for Humanity (The Newberg Graphic, 2/17/07)
City of Tempe, AZ

“Whenever I called you with a concern or question, you were always accessible to help us through it and provided many solutions to our local issues. Your skills and credibility were a major reason that we achieved consensus on many of the issues that arose. I sometimes wondered how you kept your composure during some of the public meetings but you always did.”
– Fred Brittingham, AICP, Former Planning Director, City of Tempe, AZ


“Siegel was tasked with reviewing our 30 year old zoning ordinance and recommending priority modifications, updates, and streamlining standards. he was also responsible for the development of new ordinances for several remote areas. Planning team trips to the remote areas involved meeting with residents of unique lifestyles [who were] unfamiliar with regulations or government oversight. He listened to our residents’ needs, addressed their concerns, and participated in the public meeting discussions in the remote areas as well as in town. He offered opinions that we could work with to best meet our needs. He was a very positive asset to our planning process.”
– Carol Rushmore, Economic Development Director
City and Borough of Wrangell, Alaska

Community Planning and Development

“Whenever I called you with a concern or question, you were always accessible to help us through it and provided many solutions to our local issues… your skills and credibility were a major reason that we achieved consensus on many of the issues that arose.”

– Fred Brittingham, AICP
Past Planning Director, City of Tempe, Arizona