We are delighted to announce that Siegel Planning Services, LLC has merged with longtime partner Moore Iacofano Goltsman, Inc. (MIG). Scot Siegel can now be reached at ssiegel (at) migcom (dot) com.

MIG is dedicated to improving, adapting, and creating environments, organizations and tools in support of human development. Like Siegel Planning, MIG is known for providing excellent services to its clients, most of whom are public agencies. Together, we have broadened our capabilities in land use planning, multi-modal transportation planning, contract city planning, zoning and development code updates, and a wide range of other planning, design, and communication services. For more information, please visit www.migcom.com or you may contact Jon Phaenis at jonathanp@migcom.com in our Portland office.

We look forward to continuing to serve local communities.

Development Code Reform


Development codes should make it easy for local governments to do their job and encourage property owners and developers whose projects are consistent with the community plan. Regulations should support compatible infill housing, appropriate mixed-use development, and pedestrian-oriented design. Local codes should provide clear direction while balancing flexibility with certainty in the approvals process. However zoning and development regulations often lack this vision because they are written to ‘prevent bad things from happening again.

Outdated codes can pose needless obstacles to development review and plan implementation. Do your city’s codes support mixed-use development in planned centers? Pedestrian-oriented design? Historic restoration and compatible infill housing? Do they encourage redevelopment of brownfields and adaptive reuse of buildings? Do your codes make it easy to do the right thing? Siegel Planning has prepared regulatory audits and code updates for over fifty communities. The Model Development Code and User’s Guide that we authored for the State of Oregon is widely used among local governments in Oregon and across the country. For examples of our recent projects, please click Recent Projects

For information on the State of Oregon’s Smart Development Code Assistance Program, please click www.lcd.state.or.us/LCD/TGM/publications.shtml.


Community Planning and Development

“By providing officials with an effective toolbox, you have advanced Oregon’s mission of enhancing livability, fostering integrated land use and transportation planning, and promoting development that results in compact, pedestrian-, bicycle-, and transit-friendly communities.”

– American Society of Consulting Planners, Smart Growth-Sustainable Planning Award, 2000

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