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Scot Siegel, FAICP LEED AP, founded Siegel Planning Services LLC in 2004 to provide individualized planning for distinctive communities. Siegel Planning prepares community plans, design standards, and zoning and development codes for jurisdictions throughout the western United States. We also provide strategic planning for public agencies and serve as contract planners and planning managers for local governments. We are selective in pursuing national assignments, and work with communities, developers, and design firms that are dedicated to the principles of sustainability. Siegel Planning is a member of the American Planning Association.

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We are delighted to announce that Siegel Planning Services, LLC has merged with longtime partner Moore Iacofano Goltsman, Inc. (MIG). Scot Siegel can now be reached at ssiegel (at) migcom (dot) com.
MIG is dedicated to improving, adapting, and creating environments, organizations and tools in support of human development. Like Siegel Planning, MIG is known for providing excellent services to its clients, most of whom are public agencies. Together, we have broadened our capabilities in land use planning, multi-modal transportation planning, contract city planning, zoning and development code updates, and a wide range of other planning, design, and communication services. For more information, please visit
We look forward to continuing to serve local communities.

“Of all of the comprehensive model codes APA reviewed, this is one of the best.”
– American Planning Association, referring to Oregon’s Model Development Code for Small Cities

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