We are delighted to announce that Siegel Planning Services, LLC has merged with longtime partner Moore Iacofano Goltsman, Inc. (MIG).

MIG is dedicated to improving, adapting, and creating environments, organizations and tools in support of human development. Like Siegel Planning, MIG is known for providing excellent services to its clients, most of whom are public agencies. Together, we have broadened our capabilities in land use planning, multi-modal transportation planning, contract city planning, zoning and development code updates, and a wide range of other planning, design, and communication services. For more information, please visit www.migcom.com. or you may contact Jon Phaenis at jonathanp@migcom.com in our Portland office.

Small Cities Planning Assistance


Siegel Planning provides on-call planning and technical assistance to city administrators, city managers, planning boards and commissions in small cities throughout Oregon. We offer flexible and affordable subscription packages for on-call planning, including the following options:


Basic Subscription – 1-4 hours per week (4-hour min. monthly):

  • 24-hour response to phone and email inquiries regarding all aspects of land use planning and permitting
  • Land use regulation interpretation
  • Pre-application consultations with property owners


Enhanced Subscription – 4-16 hours per week (16-hour min. monthly):

  • 24-hour response to phone and email inquiries regarding all aspects of land use planning and permitting.
  • Land use regulation interpretation.
  • Pre-application consultations with property owners
  • Office hours with city as needed
  • Review of land use, zoning, and development proposals, and preparation of staff reports and notices of decision, with city costs recovered through permit fees
  • Public meeting facilitation
  • Technical assistance and training for planning boards and commissions
  • Grant writing


Special Projects – Bill rates are discounted for subscribers. Each work order is customized to the community:

  • Project management
  • Land use, transportation, and public facility master plans
  • Comprehensive plan updates
  • Buildable land inventories and growth area plans
  • Ordinance reviews and updates. See also, Codes and Ordinances
  • Design guidelines and standards
  • Capital improvements programs
  • System development charge updates
  • Public opinion surveys
  • Group or meeting facilitation

For more information, please see City and Regional Planning.

Community Planning and Development
“In a small city where we have not had a code update in over twenty years, there were a lot of questions and concerns. Mr. Siegel facilitated the meetings and public hearings and was prepared to answer all questions politely and to the level of understanding of the public. All products were delivered in a timely, responsible, and professional manner. I would recommend his services without reservation.”

Peggy Gray, City Manager
John Day, Oregon

Jason Locke, Community Development Director,
City of Dallas

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